A dental laboratory expert does not work in a dental office; they are an important part of the dental care team. What does a he do? They make what are called dental prostheses, which is a think word for dental replacements of anything from a tooth to a full set of dentures and everything in between.

A dental laboratory technician must have sure and stable hands in order to create masterwork of dental skill. One must also utilize a sense of creativity and attention to detail. He is also able to work with several different substances such as plastics, precious alloys, stainless steel and porcelain, among others. 

Dental laboratory experts pour dental molds using a variety of plasters and stones and are able to carve tooth structures in wax that are then used to create dental bridges and dentures. Dental laboratory technicians are so brilliant that they are able to easily match tooth color and texture to blend with remaining dental work in a patient's mouth.

A dental laboratory specializes in creating appliances and dentures for patients, but it's also a growing field, especially with the rising popularity of cosmetic dentistry.

A dental laboratory technician does not usually work directly with a dental patient unless it's necessary, and if so, they will work under the direction of a licensed dentist. A dental laboratory technician is fully trained in the operation and use of a numerous of equipment and must pass skills tests in their use.

It is not unusual for an experienced dental laboratory technician, after several years of experience, often opt to open their own dental laboratories.