Steel is widely used in the field of commercial shelving & you can modify walls and the high space above the floor into valuable storage shelving. When space is consolidated the necessity to move to bigger, more expensive location is avoided and employee efficiency increases.

Steel shelving is made of commercial grade steel of the highest grade & can withstand sudden climate change and extreme temperatures. This is very important as the storage shelving is exposed to the air outside whenever the warehouse doors are open. Steel shelving is used in storage rooms, office shelving, warehouses, and factories and in the trade sector.Open Back Shelving & Closed Back Shelving are types of Shelving....

Open back shelving doesn't have a back and this gives easy access to stored items from either side of the unit. These shelving units have a steel frame & this supports the shelves. The guess of steel used to construct the shelving dictates the strength a particular unit will be able to support. Open back shelving & industrial shelving is a very good saver of horizontal space as the units are usually taller than their width. In case of offices smaller metal shelving units are used to store stationery and heavy boxes of documents.

Other is Closed Back Shelving .This Shelving is enclosed at the sides & back by plates that are also made of steel. When security is an issue the shelves can be closed and locked, otherwise they are usually open and fixed along the length of a wall. Such type of shelving offers the same type of stable design as a cabinet, but steel shelving has a higher conflict to wear & damage. Closed back steel shelving is occasionally folded together to protect delicate materials like certain types of paint and chemicals

Long length shelving is a very useful way of making the full length of the walls of warehouses and factories into valuable storage shelving. Wide span is made from 22gauge steel and can carry weights of up to 30,000lbs. The storage shelving is supported by beams in a design that raises the center of enormity of the unit. Its support very heavy weight loading without being unstable for loading and unloading.