Vegetable gardens need rich friable soil to grow a good crop. Having a good fertile soil with plenty of essential nutrients needed by plants makes gardening easy. However, such ideal soil is not always easy to find. You need soil conditioners to modify the soil to be able to grow all kinds of vegetables. Addition of chemical conditioners is harmful since the chemicals may stick to the crop and get ingested. Some amount of the chemical may even be absorbed by the plant. The results of using chemical additives are dangerous and therefore you need to use organic substances for soil conditioning.

Farmers, agriculturalists and house gardeners - all agree that the best, all-natural soil conditioning agent is coco peat. BioActive Cocopeat is a natural way of boosting the soil with nutrients and water, and restructuring it to for better plant growth. Using coco peat to prepare soil for vegetable garden makes the soil airy and increases its water retention qualities so that it provides a good ground for crops.

Informed use of coco peat to prepare soil for vegetable garden provides a cover for the top layer of the soil. The topsoil is what contains the most nutrients, but due to wind and water action, it gets eroded quickly, thus preventing plants from using that nutrient supply. BioActive Cocopeat fibres bond with the soil and prevent erosion, thereby leaving all nutrients of the top soil intact.

The biggest advantage of using coco peat is that it resists several strains of plant fungi and bacteria and fosters the growth of a healthy crop. Coco peat can also be added to compost and used to prepare soil for vegetable garden.

When added to soil, coco peat is mixed in 1:2 ratio. There should be at least 10% coco peat in the soil for it to be effective. Once the soil is conditioned with BioActive Cocopeat, it lasts for up to 4 or 5 years before breaking down.

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